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December 2012- August 2013

In honor of Bryn Adamson, Liz Mendell, Lauren Richards
Carmen Tesser

In memory of Elmer Albers
Doug and Karen Wamsley

In memory of Thomas Alewine
Peggy Alewine
Paul and Lynne Ingram

In memory of Brenda Allen
Troy and Virginia Herbert

In honor of the Allen, Byrne, Ellison and Walton families
Gary and Nancy Walton

In memory of Alice Anderson
Howard Anderson

In memory of Randy Anderson
Ray F. Broussard

In memory of Elzora Beasley
Sheryl Lathan

In memory of Juanita Bell, Hatty Cruz,Barbara White, & Dorothy Williams
Linda Edwards

In memory of Harold Ray Berryman
Jane and Mike Kileen

In honor of Wilma Biggers
James and Nelle Shehane

In honor of Willa Birchmore and in memory of Fred Birchmore
Narendra and Hansa Shah

In honor of Barbara Block
Joe Block

In memory of Tinker Boatright
Susan Boatright

In memory of Ruth Bogdanow
Rhonda Bogdanow

In memory of Carl Bono
Jo McCann

In memory Gertrude "Trudy" Booth
Evelyn Howell

In memory of Vivian Boyle
Corwin and Peg Mokler

In honor of Camilla Bracewell
Beth Rutherford

In memory of Hazel Bradley
Sara Campbell

In honor of Candice Brown
Gailya Veal

In honor of Maxine Bruce
Larry Bruce

In memory of Jean Bryan
Scott and Heather Kleiner

In memory of Garland Bryant and Gertrude Sorrow
Bobby and Connie Sorrow

In honor of J. William Buescher
Peggy Alewine

In honor of Carolyn Bullock
Tony and Betsy Komac

In memory of Dr. John T. Burks
Thomas Y. Harris

In honor of William Burdern
Bob and Mary Ellen Quinn

In honor of Butch and Janie Bush
Susan Boatright

In memory of Palmer Bush
Robert and Mary Frankis

In memory of Nina Butler
Brenda Pallas

In honor of Cathy Byrd
Robert and Sharon Parker

In honor of Polly and Ed Byrd
Don and Claudia O'Steen

In memory of Josephine Campagna
James and Rose Ann Presley

In memory of Diane Ball Campbell
Glenn M. Campbell

In memory of Odell Casey
Gail Casey

In memory of Doris Chaves
Carmen Tesser

In honor of Marian Christian
June Adams
Edna Firor
Michael and Robin Johnson

In memory of Robyn Clendenin
James and Nelle Shehane
In memory of Joe Collins

John Workman and Jeannine Collins
In memory of Joe Comfort

Mr. and Mrs. George Whitton
In memory of Dr. Mary Compton
Ellen Broome
In honor of R.D. Conner
Robert and Opal Conner
In memory of M.E. Cox
Dawn Parker
In memory of Peggy Craig and Chuck Jay
James and Sandra Jeffer
In honor of Betty Jean Craige
Lioba Moshi
In memory of Mary Ann Crawford
Charles Crawford
In honor of Bernard F. Dolan
Kenneth L. Dolan
In memorgy of Jean Davenport
James and Rosa Byrd
In memory of Ms. B. Davidson
Mary Duvall
In memory of Mildred Davis
Dan and Diane Davis
In honor of Shirley Davis
Beth Wofford
In memory of Fred Dickinson
Corwin and Peg Mokler
In honor of Bernard F. Dolan
Kenneth L. Dolan
In honor of George Dougherty
Ellen Broome
Bill and Barbara Cabaniss
Carolyn Hally
Brian Dougherty and Patricia Katsura
Blanca Katsura
Quint Newcomer
Bob and Bridget Ratajaczk
Tim and Janice Sigur
Darl E. Snyder
Marie Sunseri
David Sweat and Kay Giese
Rollin and Mary Thaxton
Sam Mitch
John Workman
Jeannine Collins
Aubrey and Katherine Finch
In memory of Anne Dupre
Van and Libby Morris
In memory of Gladys P. Farmer
Lillie Cheely
In memory of Paul Farr and Zach Farr
James Farr
In memory of Laura Fergerson
David and Becky Kelley
In honor of Marie Fields
Robert Fields
In memory of Bill Fincher
Diane Fincher Bell
In honor of Edna Firor
Marian Christian
In memory of Mr. Floyd
Martha Whitehead
In memory of Robert W. Forbus
Anne F. Stowers
In memory of Betty Fox
Wilson Page

In honor of Carol Garbin
Al Garbin
In honor of Barbara E. Gazda
George and Dolores Gazda
In memory of John Gelczis
Ursula Gelczis
In honor of Jag Gholston
Byrne Family Foundation
In memory of George Glenn, Sr.
Edward Glenn
In memory of Lillian Gluodenis
Charles Gloudenis
In honor of Rob Gordon
Barry Fleming
In honor of Mike Graham
Nancy Graham
In memory of John David Greer
Steve and Susan Greer
In honor of Neal Gruette
Mr. and Mrs. George Pearson
In honor of Dr. Cody Gunn
Johnnie and Charles Blair
In memory of Pam Smith Harrill
Steve and Susan Greer
In memory of Marjorie Harrsion
Virginia Denson
In honor of Helen, Vera, Harriette and Verna
Nancy Tumlin
In honor of Joyce Headley
Melvin Headley
In memory of Douglas and Peggy Henson
Doug and Jane Henson
In honor of Llewellyn Holliday
Mary Morrison
In memory of Homer Hansford
John and Debbie Anderson
William and Associates
The Commercial Bank
The National Bank of Georgia
Reliant Homes, LLC
In memory of Keith Hyde
Bert and Marie Ballard-Meyer
In memory of Charles Jordan
Annette Jordan
In honor of Alan Kipping
George and Dolores Gazda
In memory of Mary Killeen
Jane and Mike Killeen
In Honor of Dr. Pam Kleiber
Betty Jean Craige
Pamela Kleiber
In honor of Ann Kohler
William and Nancy Doemel
In honor of Ruth W. Lahiff
James Lahiff
In memory of Janet Lambert
Timothy Adams
Asa and Rebecca Alliston
Trish Brown
Timothy and Leah Chapman
Judson Doherty
Jennifer and James English
B..H. Freeman
Dianne Harrison
Dale and Rebecca Lake
Timothy McCabe
Casey and William McGough
Felicia and Joseph Putnam
Mitzi and Dwayne Sapp
Rachel Vanschoick
In memory of Brenda League and Andy Studdard
James Higginbotham
In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Joe K. Lee
Jean Anderson
In honor of Gail Lester
Cindy and Gregg Coyle
In memory of Ronnie Lester
Tom and Beth Hawk
In honor of Paul Letostak
Nancy Glasser
In Memory of Marjorie Lorig Leventry
Roy Robert Leventry
Tom and Judy Allison
Kathryn Boor
Richard and Carol Crout
Ralph and Joyce Dalton
Ann Swinford Dunn
Alva and Joann Hall
Daveda Hodberg
Jonathan Michael
George and Shirley Rinder
Gerald and Helen Stephens
David Tatum
Jim and Sharon Whittinghill
Julie Wojcik
In memory of Dale Little
Shirley and Wayne Wilbanks
In memory of Amy Lindsay
Mary Martin
In memory of Hugh Logan
Georgia B. Logan
In memory of Mrs. Ruby Long
Anna Webster
In memory of Sandy Lynch
Kent and Sharron Hannon
In honor of Mark Lyda
Juanita B. Dooley
In honor of Hubert Lyle, Jr.
Hubert Lyle
In memory of Thomas E. Lyons
Yolanda Lyons
In honor of Ralph Magnes
Dan and Anita Barron
In memory of Elizabeth Malcome
Larry Hawk
In memory of Merrilee Malcom
Linda Impellitteri
In memory of Raymond Parker Malcom
Brenda Malcom
In memory of Mrs. Alberta Malone
Peggy Alewine
In honor of Dr. Neal Marrano
Mona Taylor
In memory of George O. Marshall, Jr.
Charlotte T. Marshall
In Memory of Elizabeth Hughes Whitman Mason
Kernersville Division of FRCC/PHOA
In memory of Henry Massey
Steve and Mary Barton
In honor of James Massey
Janice L. Brown
In memory of Joaquim Matlack
John and Mary Matlack
In memory of Sandy Mayfield
Grove Sandford and Elizabeth Mayfield
In memory of Thomas David McAdams
Revenue Management Department
Amy Stinson and Matt Tarleton
In honor of Robert McCook
Lydia McCook
In honor of Connie McCullough
Steve and Mary Barton
In honor of Joyce McElhannon
Jerry McElhannon
In memory of James "Mac" McNamara
Terry McNamara
In honor of Charlotte and Jerry Mealor
Charlotte and Jerry Mealor
In honor of Jan Melious
Lynn Faust
In honor of Liz Mendell
Eric Linder
Steve and Barbara Mendell
In memory of Alma Mitchell
Edward Mitchell
In memory of Captain Albert Hoyt Mitchell, Jr.
Beechwood Hills Book Club
Donald and Gloria Branyon
Frank and Peggy Christa
L.J. Lord
University of North Georgia Oconee Campus
In honor of Nina Mobley
Marci Millians
In memory of O.E. "Buddy" and Mary C. Moore
Diane and Tommy Slaton
In memory of Sr. Joan Morris, osf
Ms. Suzanne Bourgeois
In memory of Dale Musser Murray
Thomas and Marsha Murray
In memory of "My Father"
Adriana Londono
In memory of "My father and Mother"
Brian Rogers
In memory of "My Mom and Dad"
Dorothy Wade
In honor of Susan Nemetz
Mona Taylor
In honor of Marjorie Nesmith
Blaine Bostelman
In memory of W.H. Nesmith
Blaine Bostelman
In memory of Doug Newcomer
Quint Newcomer
In honor of Jeanette Newton
Andy Adams
Ronald and Gail Swann
In honor of Jessica Nickelsen
Babs McDonald
In honor of NEGACC Physicians, Mid-levels, and Staff
Jane Bick
Benson and Carolyn Briscoe
Harry and MaryAnn Cooper
Jimmy Garner
Pam Gunter
In memory of Bobby Gene Noggle
Edna Noggle
In memory of Jenny Penny Oliver
Irene M. Diamond
Gayle Galloway
Karen Griffith
Paul and Carol Kurtz
Steve Oliver
Pamela Orpinas
W.A. and S.A. Jarrett
Hugh and Anne Duncan
Peter and Margaret Shedd
In honor Steve Oliver
Jenny Oliver
Paul and Carol Kurtz
William and Camilla Bracewell
Peter and Margaret Shedd
David and Carol Penney
In memory of Patricia H. Orser
James Hansen
In memory of Howard Parker's Father-in-law
IndustrialMechanical Inc.
In memory of Jerome Paulin
Frank French
In memory of Patrick Penning
Tim Penning
In memory of Tami Peters
Marci Millians
In honor of Jennifer Pettipas
Peggy Alewine
In memory of Margaret Piotirowski
Corwin and Peg Mokler
In memory of Janetta Pirtle
Sam and Annie Salerno
In memory of Gary Pitner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Benkoski
Carrie Rolnick
Gregory Schmidt
Tom and Melissa Thebeau
In memory of Judy Ann Price
C.B. and Peggy Lord
In honor of Elly Purvis
Dan and Anita Barron
In honor of Robby Roberts
Edward Arial
In memory of Robert C. Robinson
Patricia Robinson
In memory of Rex Ross
Sally Hudson Ross
In memory of Sandra Sailors
Sherri Thurmond
In honor of Johnnie Satterfield, Jr.
Jane and Johnnie Satterfield
In honor of Dr. Schoenfeld and Dr. Splichal
Floyd Cooper
In memory of Lawrence E. Scales
Clark Scales
In memory of Janie Scogin
Sherri Thurmond
In memory of Mr. Frederick W. Schoof
Joan L. Hoffman
In honor of Jane Schultz
Sharon Schultz
In honor of Dr. Shah
Vonnie Holliday
In memor of Patti Jo Shapiro
Michael and Ronnie Schmuker
In memory of Mrs. Ethel B. Sharpton
Mr. and Mrs. Emory Sharpton
In honor of Peter and Margie Shedd
William and Camilla Bracewell
Paul and Carol Kurtz
Jenny Oliver
In honor of Susan Shenefield
Jordan Shenefield
In honor of Dr. Cynthia Shepherd and Dr. Ronald Terry
Johnnie and Charles Blair
In honor of Bill Short
Georgia Short
In memory of Bill Shortt
Ernest and Betty Brackett
In honor of Christine Shropshire
Jordan Shenefield
In honor of Sherry Shutze
James and Nelle Shehane
In honor of Gene Sigman
Martha Whitehead
In Honor of Wilma Silver
Kent Silver
In honor of Joni Skogman
Jordan Shenefield
In memory of Lynda Smith
Charles and Sandy Mims
Larry and Beverly Webb
Frances White
In memory of Mimi Smith
Thomas Smith
In memory of Thomasine Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Westphal
In honor of Lynne and David Sparks
Don and Claudia O'Steen
In memory of Angie Stancil
Evelyn Chitwood
In memory of Stella
Charles and Jordan Mixson
In memory of John M. Stevens
Linda Yarbrough
In memory of Gail Stewart
Jennifer Stewart
In honor of Brooke Stortz
Lorene Lefkowitz
Lydia and Ron Menzies
Dale and Shelley Stortz
In memory of Wanda Strickland
Lee and Laura Dassow
Ralph and Joan Perry
Donald and Allison Strickland
In memory of Curtis E.Tate
Mary Tate
In honor of Dr. Ronald Terry
Denise Blaschke
Edward Mitchell
Sam and Annie Salerno
In honor of Dr. Jeff Thomas
Leonard and Charlene Davis
Vonnie Holliday
In memory of Peggy Thome
Kimberly Bishop
Vic Koehler
Rae Merck
Michael Sherman
Matthew Thome
Bill and Marilynn Woodward
In memory of Kathy Vaughan
Peggy Alewine
In memory of Frank Venditto
Louise R. Venditto
In honor of Dr. Mark Vrana
Al Davison
Daniel Dervartanian
Tom and Anna Dyer
Karen Kassinger
Sam and Annie Salerno
Elsie Vasser
Martha Whitehead
Robert Wright
In memory of Adrienne Wasserman
Hoganne Harrison-Walton
In Memory of Paula Waters
Jeff and Brooke Stortz
In memory of Jean Watts
Deborah W. Dangerfield
In honor of Johnie R. Wendel
Ruth Wendel
In honor of Dr. David Wicker
Johnnie and Charles Blair
In honor of Dr. Glen and Marlo Wiggans
Bill and Nina Herrington
Tim and Karen Joyce
Helene Schwartz
In memory of Helen Baker Wilburn
Larry Joe Wilburn
In memory of Mrs. Dot Williams
Linda Freeman

In memory of Sadie Wiley
Ella Richie
In honor of Faye Witcher
Faye Witcher
In honor of Carl L. Witte
Shirley Witte
In honor of Dr. Amelia Woolums
Karen Kassinger
In memory Thomas E. Wood
Jo M. Wood
In memory of Sam L. Woods
Wallace Woods
In memory of C.R. "Bus" Workman
John Workman and Jeannine Collins
In honor of WOW! Boot campers challenged
by cancer
Michael and April Williams
In honor of Alan and David Zielinski
Sylvia Zielinski
In memory of Michael Zielinski
Herb and Kathie Rowland
Josh Skelton and Emily Chell
Sylvia Zielinski
In memory of Vincent Zippilli
Hugh Baker
Wilma Braun
Carole and Steve Denman
Joy Thpmas Elder
Joy and Laurel Halper
H. James Holcomb
Cecil Hudson
Anna Jardine
William and Sandra Lewis
Lucia MacPherson
James and Betty Pallas
Valerie Porterfield
Lorraine Scott
Magda Schoffeitt
Mary Jo Simmons
Betty Sweeny
Carol Ann Chapman
Patsy Hogan
Charlie and Sue Snelling
Warren Thygesen
Dominic Tomasetto

General Donations
Athens Area Cancer Auxiliary
Athens Clarke County Employees
Anna Lee Adams
James and Vicky Akins
Peggy Alewine
Lewis and JoBeth Allen
Robert and Carolyn Allwine
Brooks Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Alton
Chong Arford
Christina Badura
William Baggs
John and Michelle Barton
Arthur Bennett
Russell Bennett
Gerladine Besharat
Linda Blair
Russell and Susie Bolton
Jere and James Bowden
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bowen
William and Camilla Bracewell
Ernest and Betty Brackett
Patrick Brooks
Lynn Bryant
Maureen Buhr
Bill and Barbara Cabaniss
Nancy Cantrell
John and Sarah Carey
Brian and Laura Carrigan
Steve Castellaw
The CATO Corporation
Cheeky Peach-Katie Jacobs
Marian Christian
Leroy Clark
Classic City Party Rentals Event Specialists
Mary Bess and Geoffrey Cole
Conditioned Air Systems
Tonya Connor
Janey Mae Cooley
Dr. Thomas and Sara Cooney
Francy Coram
Morgan Crace
Betty Jean Craige
Charles Crawford
Sherry and William Creel
Joanne Cutler
Patricia Daugherty
Jerry and Stacey Davis
Leonard and Charlene Davis
Walter Denero
Madge Dennis
Christy Desmet
Joe Devaney
Sarah and David Dickson
Mr. and Mrs. Tony DiPietro
William and Nancy Doemel
Vince and Barbara Dooley
Barbara Dove
Obie Downer
Ann Dructor
Ann Swinford Dunn
Jeannettie Dyson
Grady and Mattie Eberhart
Wayne Echols
George Faulkner
Mark and Jan Firth
Althea Fleming
Barry Fleming
Kevin and Rachel Florence
Anthony and Erica Fluet
Doris Freeman
Mrs. Karen Gardner
Henry and Meghan Garrard
S.E. Garrison
Gary Gerrard
GA State Charitable Contributions Program
Coy and Peggy Gibson
Robert and Sylvia Gibson
Susan and Craig Gieler
Warren Gilson
Kelly Girtz
Shawn and Denise Glynn
Matthew and Ashley Gottschalk
Dorsey Gray
William Green
Kent and Sharron Hannon
James Hansen
David Harvey
Tom and Beth Hawk
Bill and Nina Herrington
Randall Hicks
Ann Hill
Sharon Hix
Carol Ann Holbrook
Thomas and Lisa Hollingsworth
Thomas and RIta Hollingsworth
Charles and Marianita Hopkinson
Helen Hosti
Paul Hudson
Barbara Hutson
June Huff
Mr. and Mrs. Norm Inwright
Gaye Jeffers
Erin Johnson
Marion Johnson
Kenneth Johnson
Farris Johnson
Ralph and Karen Johnson
Spence and Cress Johnson
Gilbert and Jane Jones
Doris Kadish
David and Becky Kelley
Seth Kelly
Gary and Ellen Kilgos
Jeremy and Carlene Kilpatrick
Dr. Daniel J. and Beverly King
Scott and Heather Kleiner
Anri Konfino
David and Gail Kurtz
John Langone
Elliott and Lana Lanier
Thoma and Elaine Lauth
Jennifer Leverette
Frank and Lynn Lisella
David and Becky Lockman
Henry Logan
Wolfgang Ludwig
Richard and Genevieve Lynch
Maurice and Cecile Maher
Ron and Alayne Makula
Willie J. Mapp
Dr. Neal and Ann Marrano
Gene Mays
Jacelyn McCall
Wesley McCleary
Babs McDonald
Harry and Paul McDonald
Steve McDonald
Thomas and Alice McDonald
Susan McKeever
Matt and Lindsey McKinney
Richard and Angela Meltzer
Hester Meyers
David and Marjorie Miles
Gerald Miller
Alonzo Mills
Helen and Milton Mills
Carol Mims
Sam Mitchell
Charles and Jordan Mixson
Corwin and Peg Mokler
Thelma Moon
Laura Morang
Michael Moran
John and Diane Morrow
Norris and Tommie Mullis
Teresa Mundy
National Bank of Georgia
Cairethel Nichols
Dr. Petros Nikolinakos
Rosalyn Norris
Northeast Georgia Cancer Care
Edward and Chris Novey
Don and Claudia OíSteen
Jane Okrasinski
Halley Page
Carl and Barbara Parks
Alan and Anne Parrish
Gordhan and Virginia Patel
Donald and Gail Perno
Mike and April Pilcher
Cassie and Eric Pitts
Dale and Nancy Prell
Jimmy Puckett
Bob and Mary Ellen Quinn
Razoo Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rentz
Thomas and Margaret Reigle
Faye and Paul Richards
Lauren Richards
Roger and Ellen Ritchey
Dr. and Mrs. Fred Rohs
Kathy Rojek
Sally Hudson Ross
Lena Rowland
Philip Santangelo and Amelia Woolems
Robert Scott
Tom Scott
Grace Seals
Ross and Sandra Seden
John and Susan Sexton
James and Nelle Shehane
Joel Siebentritt and Carter Vest
Kent Silver
Marta Slaughter
Margaret R. Spalding
Arthur and Carolyn Spurlock
Dolores Stallings
Michael Stewart
Amy Stinson
Jeff and Brooke Stortz
Candace Taylor
Cliff Taylor
Johnny Terrell III
Brandi Thompson
Liles Thompson
Robin G. Thompson
John Thornton
James Treadwell
Celestine and Curtis Troy
Johnnie and Laura Tucker
G.N. and Betty Turk
Josephine Vaughn
Mike Waldrip
Carol Waltemyer
Walton County Helping Hands Club, Inc.
Karen Watkins
Linda Weisflog
J. Mike and Susan West
Mr. and Mrs. Robert White
Mr. and Mrs. George Whitton
Richard and Sandra Wooley
Vivian N. Ygartua

Northeast Georgia Cancer Care Employees
Penny Adams
Mia Alexander
Molly Allen
Samekia Appling
Leslie Baker
Kelsey Beck
Carolyn Briscoe
Delaura Ann Brock
Candice Brown
Lakisha Bunch
Laura Camilleri
Paige Campbell
Bettye Candis
Emily Card
Nora Lynn Chambers
Tonya Connor
Mary Ann Cooper
Christy Crumley
Shameika Drain
Brandi Ebel
Mary Egan
Debra Futrelle
Allison Garrett
Rhonda George
Loretta Goodson
Mary Beth Gray
Pam Gunter
Judy Hamilton-Nijak
Troy Heaton
Christopher Hidalgo
Jamie Hodgson
Traci Howard
Bridgett Lewallen
Linda Love
Janet Martin
Amanda Maxwell
Megan Melnik
Tonya Merrell
Lynda Miller
Sara Mobley
Jennifer Petty
Gwendolyn Pickens
Stephanie Potts
Gina Powell
Kyle Powell
Mandy Rainey
Vickie Rees
Kristina Schultz
Shawn Shreve
Laura Smith
Aimeee Stafford
Proctor Stokes
Dawn Strickland
Jenny Swindle
Kayo Tsuruta
Kelcy Waltz
Sarah Watkins
Tara Wheeler
Stephanie Williams
Katy Winegarner

Hart EMC
Genentech, Inc.
The Jack Tarver Family Foundation
The Luther and Susie Harrison Foundation
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Lois and Lucy Lampkin Foundation
The Newland Family Foundation
Terrell Family Foundation
Tri County EMC Foundation, Inc.
Walton County Health Care Foundation, Inc.
Walton EMC Operation Round Up