If I have cancer will I be able to work? If I can’t work, how will I pay my bills? Will I have to choose between treatment and paying my bills? These are some of the most urgent questions when someone is diagnosed with cancer. You have an opportunity to help local patients when they need it most.


National studies show cancer treatment is a lifesaving expense. A patient’s financial stress can directly affect their quality of life and put their recovery at risk. The Cancer Foundation (TCF) aims to reduce immediate patient financial stress so they can focus on beating cancer.
TCF helps patients who are choosing between paying for treatment or paying their electric bill. Chemotherapy or food? Radiation or gas to drive to treatment?
Heartbreaking choices are what Jim Wallace saw each time he came to treatment for his throat cancer. “When I was getting treatment, I saw fellow patients struggling to pay their bills and who could not afford the gas to come back to treatment the next day. I choose to help TCF because I know by supporting this foundation I can make these patients’ struggle a little easier. It is an honor to contribute financially to this cause.”
Founded in 2008 by local oncologists who saw the same financial need, TCF has since provided assistance to 2,450

patients and is set to give one million dollars in financial assistance by the end of 2016. An incredible milestone for a young nonprofit.
With your help we will continue to support patients through their cancer journey. March to a Million is a direct reflection of the need in our community and there is work to do.
Jim Wallace and daughter, Jessica Tolbert, have agreed to match donations up to $250,000. Growth of the March to a Million endowment will be reinvested guaranteeing that the principal steadily grows and The Cancer Foundation becomes more productive, helping patients with cancer through the decades.
Join our March to a Million. Give now and have your donation matched dollar for dollar. You can help financially desperate patients and their families get the help they need to hope again.

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