I didn’t know how I was going to pay for my mortgage. I was so worried about the late fees and I called the company but you had taken care of it. I wasn’t even sleeping before I found out about The Cancer Foundation and once I received your help, my stress has decreased.
— Veronica, Breast Cancer Patient

At the time my husband got diagnosed with cancer, he was already in the middle of a disability claim, and then the cancer came upon us. I had limited insurance benefits from my job, and really and truly, this program stepped in and helped us out a lot. I couldn’t afford his medications, and I really want to thank y’all for all that you did. Y’all helped with our electric bills, medication, and even some transportation costs. It really took some of the pressure off of our money matters. The social workers were so helpful, too. Anytime I had questions, they answered them and always gave comfort and words for us. Whatever y’all are doing, keep on doing it. So many people need more help like this.
— Wife of Prostate Cancer Patient

It’s rough to see your best friend receive 5 days of radiation and 1 day of chemo a week. This has been a fist to a stomach. Nothing tastes good to him but the Boost Up The Cancer Foundation provided is one of his favorite things to drink. I know you all have really helped him. I am so very thankful.
— Best Friend of Bobby, Head & Neck Cancer Patient

Being diagnosed with cancer is a difficult time in someone’s life. But if you add to that the loss of income because you can not work that was further compounded by the poor economy and the sudden lay off in my husband’s field and loss of that income and our insurance, it can be devastating. The Cancer Foundation went right to work to help get us funds to pay many of our basic needs the first month in this hard time. Being a couple who worked and raised six children and never had to seek outside help this could have been a humiliating or embarrassing time but these people were so good at what they do, were made to feel comfortable with the process. Thank you to The Cancer Foundation for helping us come a step closer to maintaining our independence during a crisis.
— Linda and Donnie Welch

We really, really appreciate what the foundation did to help us pay a mortgage payment. You just don’t realize how much that has helped us. It’s helped my brother to have faith in organizations like y’all that do help cancer patients. It really humbles us to know that there’s people out there that care and help people in his condition.
— Sister and Caregiver of Marshall, Lung Cancer Patient

I had my first surgery in January and another in March. With two surgeries and two hospital bills, that was a lot to cover. At the same time, it seemed like other bills and costs were showing up and I told my wife, “When it rains it pours.” But I sure do appreciate The Cancer Foundation’s help. I was very stressed with all the costs before, but I’m not going to let that get me down because the Lord provides. I’m so appreciative of what y’all have done for me.
— Hubert, Lung Cancer Patient

After I got sick, The Cancer Foundation helped me a whole lot by paying some bills for me. If it hadn’t been for their help, I don’t know what I would’ve done. I definitely appreciate everything they have done for me and am so thankful to everyone involved.
— Brenda, Breast Cancer Patient

The Cancer Foundation really helped me because I had limited income. It gave me a way to use what I had to pay bills while The Cancer Foundation covered transportation costs to get me back and forth to treatment. A friend of mine was really helping me out by driving me, but neither of us had much to cover that cost, so the gas cards helped pay for the transportation he was offering me. It was really helpful for both of us.
— Roger, Head and Neck Cancer Patient

I had moved from where I was staying to my own apartment, and The Cancer Foundation helped pay my rent. I really needed it at the time, and it was very helpful. It made the move so much easier since I was going through chemo during the whole process.
— Wilma, Breast Cancer Patient

The Cancer Foundation did a lot to help me. You have guided me in the right direction for financial help and provided me with gas cards that made a huge difference when driving back and forth from Hart county. That help was such a blessing to me.
— Deborah, Breast Cancer Patient

The Cancer Foundation has been wonderful. We didn’t have any gas for the winter and if it hadn’t been for your help, we would’ve gone cold. If it wasn’t for your help and the help of the doctors and those at the radiation clinic, I wouldn’t be here.
— Syble, Cervical Cancer Patient

I qualified for some assistance from The Cancer Foundation and got a gas card, and oh, that has helped wonderfully. I live about 38 miles from my treatment center, which is about an 80 mile roundtrip, and I have to go once a week - sometimes twice a week. It helped tremendously. I really appreciate all you’ve done for me.
— Martha, Pancreatic Cancer Patient

The Cancer Foundation helped us out a lot. It takes about thirty minutes to get him to treatment, so the gas card really helped.
— Wife of Head and Neck Cancer Patient

The day after I got the glasses The Cancer Foundation paid for, I had to go to the hospital to get my kidney removed. I was so thrilled when I got them that I made sure I wore them to the hospital. When we got there, I handed them to my husband and said, “You guard these with your life!” After I had surgery, he came in and said, “Do you want your glasses?” I sure did! I didn’t have any other glasses I could see out of, so I was thrilled to have these! The Cancer Foundation was a big help and helped me feel like a millionaire!
— Sandra, Breast and Kidney Cancer Patient

I think it’s wonderful because I’m having to drive to Athens every day of the week and it would have been difficult without help from somewhere.
— Mary, Lung Cancer Patient

The Cancer Foundation is a God-send. There’s no better feeling when you’re in dire situations than someone who will help you out like you did. I’m so thankful. There’s not enough words to say thank you. It’s a blessing.
— Connie, Throat Cancer Patient

As far as the care, the financial assistance from the foundation has been excellent. It helped take away some of the stress and burden. I was recently unemployed so the foundation has helped a great deal. Without it, I wouldn’t have even been able to afford gas. Coming down with the cancer was unexpected. There are a lot of programs out there that people just don’t know about. It has helped tremendously even with just paying a phone bill. Just little, simple things mean a tremendous amount.
— James, Lung Cancer Patient